Make the Most of Sponsored Trips Collection

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Press trips—while exciting—can be a huge time suck without a plan for what stories you’ll be able to place and how to get that research done on the ground. Learn how to maximize them.


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What to Expect on Press Trips

Summer is prime travel time for leisure travelers, but increasingly press trips, travel industry conferences, and individual sponsored excursions are taking place during these peak travel months, so we’re going to look at the pre-, during, and post- aspects of press trips so you can get the most of any sponsored travel you have coming up this summer or are planning down the line.

We will cover:
– Recapping the different types of press trips and how expectations differ
– Pre-trip “process” and setting expectations
– What you will encounter on your actual tour days with real press trip itineraries
– Following Up

How to Prepare for Your Press Trips

In this webinar, we look more about the story side of pre-trip preparation, including how to break your trip into stories, what is safe to pitch based on a limited itinerary or destination you’re not familiar with, and how to handle the catch-22 of pitching when you haven’t yet been accepted on a trip.

We will cover:
– Your burning questions on pitching press trips
– Pre-research your itinerary and breaking up your trip for focus areas
– Matching your research to specific sections to make sure you get the *right* research on the ground

How to Get the Most (On the Ground) Out of Your Press Trips

In past webinars, especially those on breaking your trips into pitches, we often discuss the different major types of articles that you should be looking out for when you’re on the road.

But you often ask me for examples of these types of articles, how to pitch them, and how to write them. This week, we’re going to do an overview to start your creative juices flowing.

We will cover:
– Best practices for on-the-ground research
– Troubleshooting some real-life sucky situations
– Walking through *your* itineraries for opportunities