Article Nuts and Bolts: People Focused Pieces Collection


Part 3 of our series on how to write every article under the sun breaks exactly how to structure articles about individual people.


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238 minutes of video
238 minutes of audio
73 slides
83 pages of transcript

Article Nuts and Bolts: Putting Together a Profile Piece

Profiles of individuals and businesses are the most common types of articles today.

In this webinar, we unpack the ins and outs of this type of article, which is among the most difficult to master, yet the most rewarding to write.

We will cover:
– Why should we focus time and attention on writing profiles?
– Who can we profile?
– Breaking down one (because they’re long!) inspiring profile piece.
– pitching FAQ

Article Nuts and Bolts: Putting Together an Interview Piece

In this webinar, we will be diving into interview pieces which can be some of the easiest to write (and the most bang for your time) because of their rigid formatting.

– The most important criterion of (most) profiles that you can’t ignore in your pitch.
– Interviews have “kinds.” Know them. Maximize them!
– What does this look like as a full article?
– Pitching FAQ

Article Nuts and Bolts: Putting Together a Celebrity Favorites Piece

In this webinar, we will be taking a look into celebrity favorite pieces. These often overlooked pieces are a huge hit with editors–they never get enough pitches for these sections!

We’ll cover:
– What is up with these pieces? They are so odd!
– Who can you really feature here?
– Real examples from Delta Sky and AFAR
– How to Pitch these pieces

Article Nuts and Bolts: Putting Together an As-Told-To Feature

In this webinar, we take a look at As-Told-To Features with examples from markets that you’d love to add to your clip file.

A staple of major magazines, these pieces offer a surprising way to tell the stories of fascinating sources you meet in your travels.

We will cover:
– Why we’ve saved these pieces last
– How these pieces are fundamentally different than anything else you will write
– Breaking down real-world examples
– Pitching FAQ