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Secrets to Successful Interviews for Your Travel Articles

This week, we cut past the anxiety and unpacked exactly what you do and don’t need to know about doing interviews to flesh out your articles–and how learning to rock them can make your writing process much faster and more effective.

We will cover:
– How to prepare for your interviews
– How to formulate the right questions for the setting
– How to maintain rapport to get the best quotes
– How to get the best quote of all with one simple question

Securing Interview Sources to Make Your Stories Sing

I’m always shocked when I see people selling lists of contacts at tourism boards. They aren’t hard to find! And, you’d be shocked how many (important!) people are not only available, but very happy to speak with you for your articles. In this webinar, we looked at how to find the right people for each piece.

We will cover:
– Does your story needs sources?
– Who exactly do you need to talk to for this particular story?
– Where can you find these people?
– How do you reach out to these people once you’ve found them?

Transforming Interviews into an Article (Live Demo!)

By popular request, in this webinar, I walked through the process of organizing notes and quotations from interviews into a full reported feature article from start to finish. The entire webinar was a live demo using real interviews.

We will cover:
– The systems approach to turning your research into a finished article
– Working from interviews to the final piece with an interview-based feature
– Short look at doing the same with a short article

How to Handle Questions and Responses in Interviews (Live Demo!)

In this very special webinar, I interviewed real tourism boards and other representatives to show you exactly what to ask, how to expand, how to move on, and how to make sure you get what you need on the fly in your interviews.

We will cover:
– Recap of interview best practices and framing our calls
– Interview with Kristin Settle from Visit Milwaukee
– Interview with Stephen Hoshaw from Travel Lane County
– Debrief and questions