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Even with the numerous opportunities to be paid well to write on the web today, many writers yearn for the print prestige of magazine writing. Learn how to make it make economic sense for you.


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Triple Your Travel Writing Income Writing for Magazines

For years naysayers have claimed that there is no money to be made in the magazine industry, the fact is that magazines still pay significantly better than websites–and there are many more opportunities to write about travel for print magazines than you realize. Sleek, well-paying, new travel magazines are actually popping up every week. You just need to know where to find them.

– the biggest reasons writing for magazines will skyrocket your travel writing income
– 5 ways to make sure an editor not only gets back to you, but wants to work with you again and again
– how to start getting lucrative assignments right now

The Magazine Landscape: Where All the Assignments Are Hiding

As we come up on a milestone of 300 magazines in the Travel Magazine Database, even I’m struck by how many fully-travel and travel adjacent magazines are out there looking for content.

In this webinar, we look at five types of magazines looking for travel content that you may be missing out on, and three ways to find more magazines that you’ve never heard of to pitch.

We will cover:
– The literal magazine landscape: where magazines live and how they reach people
– Five specific types of magazines looking for travel content you’re missing
– Three ways to find new magazines to pitch every day

What Types of Articles Should You Be Writing?

In this webinar, we cover the different major types of articles that you should be looking out for when you’re on the road: examples of these types of articles, how to pitch them, and how to write them.

We will cover:
– Why magazine-first (or section-first) beats idea-first every time
– The main types of articles that you’re going to come across (in travel and travel-related magazines)
– How the differences in these article types are expressed on the page and in your pitch

The Art of the Follow Up–The Simple Key to Dramatically More Assignments

We’ll talk about timing, scripts, and mechanics of following up with editors on your pitches. I’ll share some more unusual or downright awkward editor responses and how to handle them.

We will cover:
– Why it will change your travel writing career in more ways than just responses to get serious about following up
– 6 reasons editors aren’t responding and what to do about it
– How to respond to every type of response you’re going to come across