Freelance Business Systems: You, The Resource, Supported as a Human


Learn the nuances of HR practices and how to adapt them to a freelance setting, ensuring that the most crucial resource in your freelance business—yourself—always receives the support needed for optimal productivity.


70 minutes of video
70 minutes of audio
18 slides
24 pages of transcript


Even though I have been self-employed for ten years now, I have to tell you, there are things about the HR operations of large, established companies that I not only miss—pick-me-up happy hours and excursions, holiday parties, ergonomic chair and table options, and someone tasked with thinking about the healthiness of the menu options on offer, to name a few.

In part, because I have worked for big organizations myself in the past, and in part because so many people in my circle of friends through my big-brand-employeed husband, I’ve always had an eye on incorporating the most crucial and supportive HR practices in my own organization of one throughout my days as a freelance writer.

In this webinar, we talk about why HR people do what they do and how to apply it to a freelance setting to make sure that the most important resource in your freelance business—you—always has the support it needs to do its best work.

We will cover:
– What human resources is exactly and what are all the different things the human resources do?
– What different things that HR people do and how does that translate for us as freelancers?