Annual Review Part 2: How to Clearly Catalog the Work and Opportunities You Have Now to See Where You Need to Go


To know where your travel writing business needs to go, you need to be honest about where it is now…in numbers.


70 minutes of video
70 minutes of audio
16 slides
25 pages of transcripts

In this webinar, we dive head first into an honest look at exactly what each of you has in your income, relationship, and opportunity inventory as we continue our series on annual reviews as a travel writer.

We not only walk through exactly what data on your business to collect for your review, but also how to draw conclusions from it as to what you need to do differently or more of in the year ahead.

We will cover:
– how to assemble your income for this year and what “slicing ad dicing” is beneficial vs prejudical
– assessing your marketing efforts for the year in cold, hard numbers
– pulling together your expenses – and making sure you categorize them correctly!