Annual Review Part 3: Taking Stock of the Past Year – How to SWOT Yourself Into Shape


Align your freelance business with the marketplace and the best place in it for you.


62 minutes of video
62 minutes of audio
18 slides
23 pages of transcripts

In the previous webinar in our annual review series, we gathered the data we needed to really see what happened in your last year as a freelance travel writer and began to dive into what conclusions and next steps you could draw from there.

This webinar takes things a step further, adopting the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) business analysis for the travel writer to uncover what steps you should look to include in your plan for 2018.

We will cover:
– what SWOT means and how it works
– different points of your business that you can use SWOT to analyze
– how SWOT can help you make some really solid and significant steps forward