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Writing for Travel Trade Magazines 101

These magazines work quite different than custom and consumer titles in many ways, notably editors pitch you ideas rather than the other way around, making your hourly rate go way up. Some trade editors will even provide you with interview sources!

Trade magazines are the single best way to establish a clear pipeline of assignments and also maximize your hourly rate when writing for magazines, and we look at how, why, and how to get started writing for them in this week’s webinar.

We will cover:
– Why travel trade magazines might be that key thing missing from your income mix
– What it is like to write for travel trades and the unexpected benefits
– What kinds of travel trade magazines are out there and how to approach them

How To Write A Letter Of Introduction – The Pitch Equivalent for Trade Magazines 

Unlike consumer and custom magazines, trade magazine editors are approached by something called an LOI or letter or introduction, which has more in common with a cover letter on a job application than a magazine pitch.

We look at when to use a letter of introduction, how to craft your own boilerplate one for each vertical within the travel trade world that you’re looking to pitch, and how to avoid information overload.

We will cover:
– How to “profile” the magazines you’re looking to pitch to find out how to present yourself
– The components of an LOI
– Workshopping examples from you on how to adapt your experiences to trade magazines and LOI

How To Become Part of Editor’s Stable

To have a stable source of recurring revenue–the best way to build a sustainable, worry-free, forward-looking freelance travel writing career–writing for magazines, you need to stop writing for a magazine just once and focus on long-term relationships.

We look at how to build those relationships with editors with copious quotes right from the sources that I’ve drawn from editor panels at recent events with major newsstand titles represented.

We’ll cover:
– what the stable is and why you want to be a part of it
– the best ways to become part of the stable
– when you SHOULD NOT become part of a stable