Story Structure to Take Your Travel Feature Articles to the Next Level


Narrative writing can be terrifying. Once you learn the underlying structure though, it’s smooth-sailing.


60 minutes of video
60 minutes of audio
30 slides
20 pages of transcripts

Whether you’ve been scared of taking the leap into features because you’re “not that kind of writer” or have been wanting to move into features (or even starting to get those assignments) but spend an inordinate amount of time trying to research and structure those pieces so it feels like more work than it’s worth, this webinar is for you.

We explore classic story structures that have been employed, literally, for millennia to guarantee an interesting story as well as travel feature-specific story structures that will have you turning out stories in an hour or two each.

We will cover:
– What does story arc even mean and how does that translate to real life?
– How do story arcs work in travel articles specifically?
– What key story structures we can directly trace over our travel features