Mastering Style at a Sentence by Sentence Level


Your pitches are the only clips you need when the quality of your writing clearly shines even in a small package.


53 minutes of video
53 minutes of audio
19 slides
16 pages of transcripts

Continuing the groundwork we laid in the previous webinar on AP style, we move into writing essentials on a structural level, beginning with sentence structure. I unpack common issues I (and other editors) are increasingly seeing today and how to avoid them in your writing.

If you’ve been primarily writing on your own blog or for clients that don’t have in-house editors, this will bring your writing to the next level so that when you pitch editors, rather than an eyebrow raise and delete, your pitches elicit a sense of professional camaraderie due to your polished prose.

We will cover:
– Why are we looking specifically at sentences?
– Oh, the places your sentences can go…
– The three biggest sentence -level offenses out there today