Learn to Shoot for Magazines Collection

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Learn to capture compelling shots for editors, and boost assignments and income with a step-by-step guide to organizing trips, mastering food photography, staging, lighting, and creating engaging photo essays.


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167 minutes of video
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62 slides
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The Difference Between the Photos You’re Shooting Now and What Magazines are Publishing

Learn how to get the shots that editors need so you can get more assignments and make more money with your pieces.

We look at the shots that work online and those that most of us shoot most of the time and what the difference is in terms of the approach to shot format, variety, and composition to generate the types of photos magazines can use.

We will cover:
– Who is publishing freelance photographs today
– The different approach to shooting and writing
– Living magazine walk-through!

Creating a Shot List to Organize Your Trips Around Saleable Photography

In this webinar, we break down a step-by-step method to organize your trips to ensure you get the shots you need to fill out your stories and enter the (thriving, actually!) world of photo essays.

We will cover:
– How do I know what to shoot if I don’t know what stories I’m looking to publish?
– The trajectory of shots you need for any piece
– Exploring different frameworks (different strokes for different folk!) for compiling your shot lists

Plating, Staging, and Food Photography: Bringing Still Lifes to Life

While speaking at the International Food Bloggers Conference, I picked up a couple cool styling things there that I show you in this webinar, but we primarily focus on the concept of the still life and how to take age-old painting techniques into your photography to create amazing shots for Instagram and beyond.

You’ll learn food photography and more. In this webinar, we’ll cover staging, lighting, and how to create posed shots of everything except people on your trips.

We will cover:
– What is missing from my (our, everyone’s!) photos now?
– “Art” approaches to successful still lifes
– Food (and things) styling secrets