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How To Research On The Road

We have discussed how to get ideas for travel magazine articles from magazines and other types of research online, but some of the best ideas to report come from what you discover on your travels. Here is a look at how to use magazine pocket cheat sheets, getting lost on purpose, and hints of coolness from press releases and CVB sites to make sure you are gathering the most interesting and salable ideas on the road.

How to Extract the Maximum Number of Articles from Each Trip

In this webinar, we’ll look at how you can build a sustainable travel writing career by extracting the maximum number of articles from each trip. I’ll go through multiple itineraries and break them down in front of you to show not only all the possible articles to pitch, but also which can and should be pitched in advance versus the ones to pitch when you get home. (A very important distinction.)

How to Get Work Done When You’re On the Road

In this webinar, How to Get Work Done When You’re on The Road, we’ll discuss approaches to partitioning your time on the road, maximizing efficiency in times that don’t at first look like work opportunities, and my favorite tricks for being productive anywhere.


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