Freelance Business Systems: Just Make it Legal


Learn to navigate diverse freelance writing situations, from managing rights to handling agreements, ensuring informed decisions and establishing standard practices for your business.


60 minutes of video
60 minutes of audio
23 slides
20 pages of transcript


“Legal departments” are things that we tend to associate with big corporate entities that have in-house council and annoying folks who insist on seeing every tweet before it goes out (even though that defeats the entire purpose of Twitter!). But the legal considerations for your business cannot be ignored, and I’m not just talking about what kind of business you are or are not legally registered as.

There are countless situations that come up from freelance writers, from parsing rights to photos with a CVB or business that hosted you or knowing that the magazine you’ve sold a story to has also purchased the rights to any royalties if your story becomes a movie or book, and making decisions upfront and establishing standard practices for your business will help you know what to do when any of these situations arise and take them in stride.

Please note in appropriate legal fashion: I am not a legal professional, and the recommendations in these webinars are based on journalistic research, personal experience, and experiences of your peers. We absolutely recommend you consult and individual with the appropriate licensing or accreditation for your physical business location on all legal matters.

We will cover:
– The most important functions of a legal department… and how to consider them in your business
– Breaking down the big three legal roles
– Deep dive into contract language to watch out for
– Food for thought: Some on-going issues for freelancers to stay on top of