Annual Review Part 4: Getting Clear on What You’ll Accomplish Next Year


Rather than goals–an all-or-nothing approach to what you’ll do next year–focus your year with this method.


55 minutes of video
55 minutes of audio
25 slides
19 pages of transcripts

Now that we’ve put last year to bed, it’s time to look forward. What will you do in the year to come?

As you’ve no doubt found over the years, goals have a nasty habit of not coming to fruition. In this webinar, we will look at a different way to set your course for the new year that you can follow no matter what–good or bad–gets in your way.

We will cover:
– the problem with goals, even if they’re “SMART”
– how to choose something that can really guide you for an entire year
– two exercises that we’ll do during the call
– translating those words into specific actions