The Magazine Landscape: Where All the Assignments Are Hiding

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As we come up on a milestone of 300 magazines in the Travel Magazine Database, even I’m struck by how many fully-travel and travel adjacent magazines are out there looking for content. Here are five types of magazines looking for travel content that you may be missing out on, and three ways to find more magazines that you’ve never heard of to pitch.


When we hold our weekend-long workshops on pitching and generating articles ideas for magazines, the weekend always starts with a lot of trepidation.

We have big goals.

For our Pitchapalooza, the goal is to hit 25 pitches written by the end of the weekend. For Ideafest, you want to have 100 article ideas matched to specific sections of specific magazines.

If you’re currently averaging a pitch per month or a pitch every two months, these numbers don’t just seem daunting. They look downright impossible (to accomplish in 48 hours).

But one of the main reasons people have trouble writing their pitches is that they are creating from thin air. They are trying to read the editor’s mind and decide what an editor at a particular magazine might be interested in–often without thoroughly consulting the publication.

The best way to devise pitches–particularly copious numbers of pitches and pitch ideas that come to you both quickly and with an ease that borders on zen clarity–is to know what magazines are looking for first, and shape how you filter the memories from your journeys around what the magazine wants.

If you don’t know what magazines are out there though, this tasks looks impossible.

Familiarizing yourself with the magazine landscape is one of the fastest, simplest things you can do to dramatically change both you pitch success rate and how long it takes you to come up with article ideas. Grab this webinar to get the lay of the land.

We will cover:
– The literal magazine landscape: where magazines live and how they reach people
– Five specific types of magazines looking for travel content you’re missing
– Three ways to find new magazines to pitch every day