How to Put Together a Diary Piece

Article Nuts and Bolts: How to Put Together a Diary Piece


While they look like easy pickings in newspapers and magazines need them, diary pieces need you to retrain your habits.


65 minutes of video
65 minutes of audio
14 slides
23 pages of transcript

In our series walking through the construction of different types of articles, we hone in on the easy-to-write (and pitch!) staple of magazines everywhere: the front-of-book round-up.

A staple of websites and newspapers (yes!) these pieces are easy to do badly, so learn how to do them easily as they’re a quick type of article.

We’ll cover:
– What do I really mean when I say diary piece?
– How do these articles work in the real world (as opposed to in private settings)
– Real-world examples
– How to pitch these pieces