The Art of the Essay and How to Find Them Everywhere


Whether you’ve been writing on a personal blog for years or just emails home from trips, you’re on your way to publishing essays.


43 minutes of video
43 minutes of audio
14 slides
15 pages of transcripts

While some of your are at the point in your writing career of tentatively dipping your toes into the shallow end of the features pool, others of you have drunk the storytelling Koolaid and are looking for what is next.

Where do you go when you’re bored of writing features? What is next?

When you’ve amassed a considerable amount of knowledge about the areas you’ve covered along with writing experience, it’s time to consider the wide world of essays. There are an astonishing number of outlets to place them in, the pay is there, and, most importantly, you have the satisfaction of writing exactly what you want to write.

We’ll cover the landscape as well as how to start diving into writing magazine-style essays.

We will cover:
– What do we mean by “essay?”
– How to compass a personal essay
– How essays fit into the greater marketplace and how the opportunities have changed since the advent of blogging
– Markets you can reach out to right now for your personal essays