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How To Increase Your Pitch Success Rate By Analyzing Magazines

The process of pitching regularly will drastically improve your income and portfolio, and editors respond best to pitches that demonstrate a knowledge of their publication. The best way to demonstrate that knowledge is by only pitching specific sections of the magazine.

How to Generate Sure-Fire Salable Ideas

Instead of generating article ideas and then trying to find a magazine that will take your idea, I find starting your brainstorming with the sections magazines include yields a much higher success rate. Here we cover techniques that you can also use with any magazine that you have a copy of and ensures that your pitches hit the mark and you get responses from editors.

How to Hone Your Travel Article Ideas to Perfectly Fit Each Magazine

In this webinar we workshopped article concepts into ready-to-pitch, focused ideas with multiple angles matched to specific magazines. I pre-matched them with specific sections from multiple magazines and walked through the process of honing an article “idea” from your concept into something adapted to a magazine and ready to pitch.

How To Craft The Perfect Article Pitch

You can take workshop after workshop on how to write the perfect travel article, but if your pitches aren’t landing assignments, it’s all for naught. In this webinar, we walk step-by-step through what you need to know to write the perfect pitch–and everything that you should leave out.

Don’t Create “Ideas” From Nowhere: How to Always Find Them When You Need Them

In this webinar, Don’t Create Ideas Out of Nowhere: How to Always Find Them When You Need Them, I work in detail through three different ways to generate ideas from magazines and three different ways to come up with ideas “from thin air” so that you are never worried about *what* to pitch again.

Answers To Your Most Common Pitch Questions

In our weekly webinars, in my inbox, on coaching calls, and in my talks at conferences and workshops, I’m always getting questions on pitching. We sourced questions from dozens of readers for this webinar on Answers to Your Most Common Pitching Questions, so listen in for answers to your most burning pitch questions. I’d love to answer your questions too, to get you over whatever is holding you back and out there pitching all the magazines looking for travel articles.


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