Once you get a response to that first email, it’s time to feel each other out for fit and get your prospect to believe that what you’re offering IS the solution to his or her problem and won’t be:

  • one more thing that sounds great, but doesn’t seem clearly better enough that it’s going to help the business right now
  • more trouble to set up than the headaches it relieves
  • worth the sticker price
  • a good return on investment

But how do you effect this voodoo? How do you magically get the prospect on the same wavelength about the importance of content marketing generally and the efficacy of the approach you’re proposing specifically?

You accomplish many of these goals on your phone call (yes, phone call! Gigs like this close much faster, easier, and with better long-term results over the phone).

But not through what you say.

By asking the right questions, noting done the important parts of the answers your prospects give, and incorporating them into your proposal. (A whole other kind of magic!)

In this webinar, we’ll cover, in detail:

  • the exact questions to ask and path to follow in your call to ensure the best results for you and your prospect (it has to be a win-win to close a good deal!)
  • what to listen for in your prospect’s responses to make sure your proposal speaks his or her language
  • the formula I use to put together proposals that wow prospects and close deals

If this sounds like just what you need to up your travel writing income, I hope you’ll join us for How to Close the Deal: Proposals and Phone Calls that Get Results.

We will cover:
– The real purpose of having a phone call with prospects (and why you shouldn’t talk more than 20% of the time)
– The questions you need to ask in your qualification call to build the best proposal
– The formula I use to put together content marketing proposals