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Annual Review Part 1: What is Standing Between You and Your Travel Writing Goals

As the beginning of our series on working through a comprehensive inventory of your business, where it’s going wrong, and a clear tactical plan that fits with your life to move you through the next year, we’ll devote a full hour this week to discussing the most common issues that keep travel writers spinning their weeks and how we will chart a course through them in the coming weeks.

We will cover:
– why you got into this in the first place and how forgetting that could also be what’s holding you back
– the hard questions you need to ask yourself
– 7 things that stand in everyone’s way at one point or another

Annual Review Part 2: How to Clearly Catalog the Work and Opportunities You Have Now to See Where You Need to Go

In this webinar, we dive headfirst into an honest look at exactly what each of you has in your income, relationship, and opportunity inventory as we continue our series on annual reviews as a travel writer. We not only walk through exactly what data on your business to collect for your review but also how to draw conclusions from it as to what you need to do differently or more of in the year ahead.

We will cover:
– how to assemble your income for this year and what “slicing ad dicing” is beneficial vs prejudical
– assessing your marketing efforts for the year in cold, hard numbers
– pulling together your expenses – and making sure you categorize them correctly!

Annual Review Part 3: Taking Stock of the Past Year – How to SWOT Yourself Into Shape

In the previous webinar in our annual review series, we gathered the data we needed to really see what happened in your last year as a freelance travel writer and began to dive into what conclusions and next steps you could draw from there. This webinar takes things a step further, adopting the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) business analysis for the travel writer to uncover what steps you should look to include in your plan for 2018.

We will cover:
– how to assemble your income for this year and what “slicing and dicing” is beneficial vs. prejudicial
– assessing your marketing efforts for the year in cold, hard numbers
– pulling together your expenses – and making sure you categorize them correctly

Annual Review Part 4: Getting Clear on What You’ll Accomplish Next Year

Now that we’ve put last year to bed, it’s time to look forward. What will you do in the year to come? As you’ve no doubt found over the years, goals have a nasty habit of not coming to fruition. In this webinar, we will look at a different way to set your course for the new year that you can follow no matter what–good or bad–gets in your way.

We will cover:
– the problem with goals, even if they’re “SMART”
– how to choose something that can really guide you for an entire year
– two exercises that we’ll do during the call
– translating those words into specific actions

Annual Review Part 5: Mapping Out Your Step-by-Step Plan for 2018 Success

In a very special year-end webinar, we continued the 2018 planning we began in the last webinar but moved into the specifics scheduling of your project goals and related actions throughout the year. We invited our listeners to send in their prep from the earlier calls in this series so that they could have their plans for 2018 workshopped by Gabi, so you can see three very different examples of how to create your 2018 plan.

We will cover:
– A holistic approach to year-planning rather than just goal setting.
– Walking through the process (and seeing how things can change)
– Workshopping your and Your fellow freelancer’s plans!

The Secrets of Six-Figure Travel Writers

As a travel writer earning six figures for several years, I used to get a lot of questions at industry conferences about just how exactly I did it, so I started coaching new, struggling and transitioning travel writers along the journey. Here we explore the misconceptions that keep people from achieving their income goals as a travel writer and you’ll leave with tools to increase your income right away.

We will cover:
– Hard numbers on freelance writing, blogging, and travel writing
– 5 ways that the most successful freelance travel writers got that way
– What you can do at home right now to start to replicate their success