The Secrets of Six-Figure Travel Writers

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As a travel writer earning six figures for several years, I used to get a lot of questions at industry conferences about just how exactly I did it, so I started coaching new, struggling and transitioning travel writers along the journey. Here we explore the misconceptions that keep people from achieving their income goals as a travel writer and you’ll leave with tools to increase your income right away.


I’m often asked in interviews what my number one piece of advice for aspiring travel writers is, and I have an answer for that.

When you’re starting from zero, the path forward is much more clear than when you’ve been at it for a while and are struggling.

Not enough people ask me that question: What is my number one piece of advice for struggling travel writers? For those who have been at it for years and feel like they’re gong to quit if things don’t turn around soon, or like they should quit but they can’t imagine doing anything else and need to find a way to make this work.

I know a lot of those people personally. And every month as I travel around the world doing workshops, I find more.

Just this month, someone wrote me and said,

“I’ve been a travel writer for 25+ years and have never made six figures. And I make much less now than I did 15 years ago.​”

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. But the good thing is, I am also 100% sure it doesn’t have to be that way, because I also get emails like this,

“While I am already making six-figures travel writing, I would be curious to learn from you and see what you are doing.​” ​(And this email actually underlines one of the big things that separates these six-figure freelancers from the rest!)

And that writer is not alone. In fact, on our webinar tomorrow on the secrets of six-figure travel writers, I’m going to share some pretty shocking income statistics from recent studies.

If you want to learn the answer to the question I wish more people would ask me and how to set yourself on the path to becoming a six-figure freelance travel writer, join us for The Secrets of Six-Figure Travel Writers.

In this webinar we will cover:
– Hard numbers on freelance writing, blogging, and travel writing
– 5 ways that the most successful freelance travel writers got that way
– What you can do at home right now to start to replicate their success