Weaving Journalistic Detail into Descriptions of Places


Details don’t only my your destinations come alive—they move your story forward at the same time.


48 minutes of video
48 minutes of audio
13 slides
16 pages of transcript


Setting the scene in your pieces can be the single hardest block of text for so many of us to write! How do we be “creative” or write that “flowery” stuff?

The key to writing a description of a place that (1) doesn’t take you forever and push you into a type of writing you may not be so comfortable with, and (2) actually belongs in the piece your writing and shows your writing chops off to your editor (especially in a pitch) is a strong foundation in journalistic detail.

We explore how it works with evocative verbal depictions of places in this webinar.

We will cover:
– Checking back in on what journalistic detail is and what it can do for you
– The particular challenges of incorporating journalistic detail in descriptions of places (and why you don’t want to describe places at all, most of the time)
– Breaking down real-world examples