Plating, Staging, and Food Photography: Bringing Still Lifes to Life


You could pay $1,200 for a weekend food photography workshop, but here’s what you need to know to get started.


58 minutes of video
58 minutes of audio
24 slides
22 pages of transcripts

While speaking at the International Food Bloggers Conference, I picked up a couple cool styling things there that I show you this webinar, but we primarily focus on the concept of the still life and how to take age-old painting techniques into your photography to create amazing shots for Instagram and beyond.

You’ll learn food photography and more: this week we’ll cover staging, lighting, and how to create posed shots of everything except people on your trips.

We will cover:
– What is missing from my (our, everyone’s!) photos now?
– “Art” approaches to successful still lifes
– Food (and things) styling secrets