Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #3: Identifying Glove-Fit Ideas


The answer to the perennial question: How exactly do you scan a magazine to see if your idea would work—and not fall down a reading rabbit hole?


67 minutes of video
67 minutes of audio
8 slides
21 pages of transcript


In the last webinar in this series, which shows live every stage in the process of putting together a number of pitches in just a few hours, I compiled a list of article ideas matched to specific magazines and sections within those magazines. As we went through, I included things that were pretty sure-fire fits along with ones that I needed to check on further to make sure that the idea would really fly for the given section (which we will verify in this webinar by looking at past examples of articles in that section) and the magazine in general (which we will check against the demographics and general voice of the publication).

In this webinar, the hour goes from wide (where we’ve been in the past several hours of this series) to narrow as we slim from the ideas that we like to the ideas that actually have a shot with the magazines in question.

We will cover:
– What we’re doing and how to follow along at home
– What a glove-fit looks like
– Where we are with our ideas now
– Attacking the matches