Creating Ambiance with Journalistic Detail


Learn to craft ambiance–one of those elusive factors that distinguishes good writing from great.


33 minutes of video
33 minutes of audio
13 slides
11 pages of transcript


In this series on journalistic detail, we looked at many specific situations in which you should be thoughtful about how and why you’re introducing detail, from short articles to descriptions of people and places.

In the last webinar in this series, we take it higher level—how do the details that you choose create a larger takeaway for the reader without you coming out and explicitly telling them what you want them to feel?

We will cover:
– Checking back in on what journalistic detail is and what it can do for you
– The particular challenges of incorporating journalistic detail in descriptions of places (and why you don’t want to describe places at all, most of the time)
– Breaking down real-world examples