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The Guidebook Guide Series: The Players and The Game

Join us for the first webinar in our new series on breaking into guidebook writing, The Guidebook Guide Series: The Players and The Game to learn about the guidebook landscape for professional travel writers.

Not all guidebook companies are equal–for the writer, which is very different than in the public perception of the brand–when it comes to pay, treatment, and the writing process.

We will cover:
– Why should you listen up when I talk about guidebooks – especially if you’re (a) new, or (b) don’t have enough work on your plate right now
– How do the different major guidebook companies set themselves apart for consumers?
– How each company’s culture plays out for writers?
– What do you need to know to break in?

The Guidebook Guide Series – The Life of a Guidebook Writer on the Road​

In our second webinar in our series on guidebooks, we’re going to dive deep into the vital work that makes writing any book, from a thriller to a guidebook, possible: the research.

Join us to learn what the day-to-day work of the guidebook writer in the field really looks like.

While you may have heard the bad and the ugly about life as a guidebook writer, we dig into the reality of those who have made it their full-time gig.

We will cover:
– The disclaimer: guidebook writing sourcing
– Another disclaimer: this is work
– The Five Pillars to consider
– The pitfalls of poor preparation

The Guidebook Guide Series – The Writing Side of Guidebook Work

For the third webinar in the Guidebook Guide series, we explore what it is like to work as a guidebook writer today, from the money to the travel to the actual writing.

We also answer the question what is it actually like to write a book-length work in a month or two–particularly working in a tried and true formula you have little control over?

We will cover:
– How is guidebook writing like writing guides online?
– The types of “articles” you’ll write for a guidebook
– The guidebook writing style
– Live examples of guidebooks from different companies and their writing styles and depth