The Parts of Your Book Proposal About You and Your Book

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55 minutes of video
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There are several parts of the non-fiction book proposal—the author bio, overview, chapter summary, and sample chapters—that can easily feel like the parts you should spend the majority of your time on, but they can easily become enormous time sucks!

In this webinar, we look at how to efficiently power through the rest of your book proposal to get it polished and down without drowning in decision paralysis so your proposal can leave your laptop and do what it’s supposed to do: get agents interested in your project so you can get the feedback you need to make changes based on the knowledge of people who live and breathe books (a.k.a. book professionals and not you!).

We will cover:
– While these “vital” sections are really the least important/last of your worries
– Reviewing the sections of the non-fiction book proposal
– Crafting your author bio
– Putting together your chapter summaries
– Selecting your sample chapters