The Magazine-First Approach to Organize Your Pitches to Ensure You Hit Your Goals

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46 minutes of video
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After our Idea-to-Pitch live workshopping series, a freelancer wrote us asking how you should organize your pitching initiative if you’re using a “magazine-first” rather than “idea-first” approach. It was such a great question, because we usually recommend working magazine-first rather than idea-first!

The difference between “magazine-first” and “idea-first” pitch plans can be a huge difference in time investment, and, depending on your goals, ease of success in reaching the level you really want to be with your travel writing.

In this webinar, we’ll break down these two different ways of looking at your pitching, the pros and cons of each, and how to know which is right for you and when it makes sense to switch.

We will cover:
– Idea-first and magazine-first pitching: what do they really mean?
– How idea-first and magazine-first pitching work in practice
– Pros and cons of each process
– When do you want to use each pitching approach?