Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #5: Creating the Bones of the Pitch

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61 minutes of video
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We’ve made it through so many stages of the pitch writing process that many folks lump into writing that are actually distinctly separate prep activities: pulling ideas from your trip, matching them to magazines, refining the best fits, and choosing the low-hanging fruit with the best chance of success and the easiest path to putting the pitch together.

In this webinar, the real writing begins! But staring at a blank page is a way to shock any creative mind into panic, so we begin instead by putting together the easier building blocks of the pitch in an almost placeholder-like style with minimal stress and research just to get our quick thoughts on the page.

Learning this trick to getting the basis of a pitch out quickly alone, can easily save you an hour per pitch.

We will cover:
– The purpose of this series starts to come into shape
– What are the bones of the pitch?
– Why we start with the easier bits: P2s and 3s
– What ideas are we going to work up pitches for?
– Attacking the pitches