Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #1: Turning Trip Notes into a Pitchable Idea List

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In this new series, we offer a window on how pitching takes place for an established writer in the most minimal time with the least possible fuss as we walk from my initial trip notes all the way to polished pitches leaving my inbox right before your eyes. To make sure you can see and ask questions about my decision-making at every phase, I walk through each step of the process completely live with no prep work outside of our calls (or cheating, as I would call it!) to pretty things up or do more digging into an idea.

To kick off the series, we begin with the notes from my travels in the Czech Republic over the summer, transforming my ideas from that time, which are no longer fresh in my mind, into potential article ideas and article types. You’ll learn how to develop a sense for what is and is not a pitchable idea from the types of information you’re deluged with on a trip, and I’ll also note what types of articles could develop from each idea as we go along.

We will cover:
– The premisses + ground rules of this experiment
– How to follow along at home
– Refresher of the types of magazine articles we’ll be scanning for