How to Earn Big with Travel Content Marketing Writing

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Have you had a blog at any time in the past? Even if you never got the numbers to where you felt like you could become a professional blogger, you have a valuable skill set that travel companies and tourism boards need. Here we talk about the different opportunities for travel content marketing writing–from blog posts to content strategy to choosing and editing photos for Instagram–what kind of pay you can expect, and where to start looking for these opportunities.


Aside from breaking into $1/word magazines (though those are honestly so much work they’re often not worth the time!) and setting up relationships with editors so they pitch me article ideas to write for them instead of visa versa, one of the most important ways I grew my income as a new travel writer was by setting up my own travel content marketing clients.

These weren’t folks I found I job boards. I checked out their websites and sent cold emails to travel company owners about how I could help them improve their messaging.

Much to my surprise, the first time I did it, I signed 50% of the people I’d emailed within the first week.

And I couldn’t believe the rates.

One person I contacted wanted everything to be ghost-written in a work-for-hire structure, and I couldn’t negotiate him into a different rights agreement, so I told him it would cost double. He was glad to pay me $350 per blog post!

You Already Have Everything You Need to Get These Gigs

If you have been thinking that travel writing isn’t a sustainable career choice for you because you can’t make the numbers work, this is a great avenue to pursue if you have any background writing for the web.

And if you know cutting-edge time-saving apps and processes that make content creation faster, easier, and more effective, there are so many tourism boards and travel-related companies that are literally desperate for your skills.

Even if you never got the numbers to where you felt like you could become a professional blogger (but even more so if you did!), you have a valuable skills set that tens of thousands, if not more, travel companies and tourism boards need.

You may think html and css or setting up and autoresponder series or pre-scheduled tweets are not a big deal, but there are many people out there who need these things and simply don’t have the time or feel too intimidated by the technology to get them set up.

And the best part is, these gigs often offer some of the best paid opportunities today to tell the travel stories you really want to write.

In other webinars in this series, we’ll look at exactly how to position yourself for this type of work and create your own pitch to use on companies as well as how to identify people who both need and are prepared to pay well for this type of work. But in this webinar, I want to introduce you to the wealth of opportunities out there with real word examples.

We’ll look at clients I’ve worked with in the past as well as case studies of other travel writers making a great living with this type of work to see what are the different options for the work you can do.

I’ll also reveal the types of travel content marketing writing you should avoid because you’ll never get paid enough to make the hourly rate make sense.

We will cover:
– Why do companies need us and what do they need us for
– Real life examples of travel content marketing gigs out there
– Which travel content marketing pays the best and what you should avoid