How to Create a Personal File on Every Magazine You’d Like to Target

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62 minutes of video
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In fundraising or any other sort of high profile deal making, people create in depth dossiers or “files” on their targets that include all sorts of details on the target, with particular highlights on potential points of intersection that offer an in for building a relationship. You can do the same for the magazines that you want to build relationships with.

The common advice (from both teacher and magazine editors) to “read the magazine!” only scratches the surface. In this webinar, we’ll unpack a detailed, organized, and objective-driven way of breaking your process of getting familiar with a magazine into actionable information you can use to put together the right pitches for each editor you’re looking to build a relationship with.

We will cover:
– Why pitch idea-first rather than magazine-first?
– How to start building your list
– Why creating personal files on each magazine is the linchpin of pitching success
– What does a personal file for each magazine look like?
– Creating one live!