How to Craft the Perfect Travel Article Pitch

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You can take workshop after workshop on how to write the perfect travel article, but if your pitches aren’t landing assignments, it’s all for naught. In this webinar, we walk step-by-step through what you need to know to write the perfect pitch–and everything that you should leave out.


When I ask writers how long it takes them to write pitches for their travel articles, I pretty universally get one of two answers:

  • 15 to 20 minutes
  • 2 hours

I’ve rarely heard one hour, but I’ve heard half an hour a couple times.

So, after posing this question in many different workshops and conference talks, I couldn’t help but wonder: why the two clear buckets?

We’ve looked in the past on our blog at how, even if you type quite slow, say 30 words a minute, it still shouldn’t physically take you more than 10 minutes to actually type up your pitch.

What are these writers who take two hours (or more) writing pitches doing the rest of the time then? It tends to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Not being sure about the idea
  2. Not being sure about the research on the idea in terms of what needs to go into the pitch
  3. Not being sure about what needs to be included in the pitch period

The first issue we cover much more extensively in other webinars like How to Generate Sure-Fire Saleable Ideas or How to Hone Your Ideas to Perfectly Fit Each Magazine, so I recommend you check those out if you’re strugging with the first point above.

But if you sit down to write pitches and simply don’t know which words belong on the page, tune into this webinar on How to Craft the Perfect Travel Article Pitch for a step-by-step process and fill-in-the-blank templates for getting your article pitches done and out the door.

We will cover:
– 5 signs that you’re not ready to write up a pitch just yet – and how to fix them (it’s really a problem with the article idea that keeps most of us from getting our pitches written!)
– The three-paragraph pitch structure that will keep you from getting lost in hours of research
– All the answers you need to travel writers’ 10 most frequent questions on pitching