How to Craft a Travel Content Marketing Pitch that Gets Attention

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In the third portion of our coverage on travel content marketing writing, I break down the steps of putting together your own pitch to send cold to companies and tourism boards you think would benefit from your services, including powerful statistics on content marketing ROI to include and just how much information to give away to keep your prospect interested without setting them up to go execute your plan without you.


We talk so often about how to pitch travel magazines on this websie. And there’s a key reason why we (more or less) ignore writing articles and just focus on getting you better at writing pitches.

The most important part of writing an article pitch that gets results is being incredibly clear about exactly what it is that you are pitching:

  • which section of the magazine
  • what the section typically includes
  • which audience’s take on the topic
  • which length of article
  • which article format

We zero in on this extensively, because once you have 100% clarity on those things, the pitch basically writes itself.

But the thing about pitching travel content marketing work that is so different than pitching magazines editors is that, at magazines, those editors are expecting pitches to arrive in their inbox day in and day. Maybe not this take or this destination or from you specifically, but they know they’re coming.

With travel content marketing pitches, we need to make a strong case right at the outset that the reader should take the time to read an email about something they may not realize they need. We need to show them why they need it and help them see what the future of their organization looks like with your services.

You’re also pitching on-going work when you reach out about content marketing, so the need to gain the recipients trust takes on a different importance.

That’s why in this webinar on How to Craft a Travel Content Marketing Pitch That Gets Attention we break down exactly what words, concepts, and details you should include in your travel content marketing pitches and why.

We will cover:
– Getting clear on what we need to achieve with this email
– The 6 can’t-miss sections on an effective travel content marketing pitch
– Live demos of reverse engineering ideas to perfectly fit magazine sections