Freelance Business Systems: Getting Your Business GED on with Governance, Executive Functions, and (Strategic) Direction

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Tying up our whole series on freelance business systems, we head to the top of the business totem pole with your role as the executive of your freelance firm.

In this webinar, we will first examine the most fundamental roles of the traditional executive–and these may be the most surprising of everything you learn in this series. We’ll then look at how the owner or named partner in other types of one- or very-few-man/woman bands (lawyers, architects, interior designers, etc.) work to manage their practice as a combination doer and owner-manager and what we can learn from the growth of those businesses.

We will cover:
– GED vs MBA
– Breaking down governance, executive functions, and strategic direction
– Three landmark frameworks of executive function, strategic direction, and management
– Tying it all together