Freelance Business Systems: Finance Fun

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49 minutes of video
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In this webinar, we’ll start our journey into the numbers that really make your freelance business tick (as in, make the money that pays the bills flow into your bank account so you can function as a human with a room over her head and food in her belly) with the bigger picture. Finance and accounting are widely confusing or thought to be one and the same among those who don’t hold these roles, and accounting is already the bane of many freelancers’ “admin” to-do lists. So this week, we’re going to start with finance, which is more about planning to make sure money is always coming your way, something you’ll find puts a smile on your face every time you do it once you get the hang of it.

We will cover:
– The serious numbers behind why numbers matter
– Works that you might abhor, but need to deeply understand and let motivate your businesses
– Deep dive into cash, how to watch it flow, and tips for maintaining it