Freelance Business Systems: Control That Quality

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Quality control? That sounds even more like something an assembly line needs that writers do not than our operations-focused webinar!

While many writers I talk to worry—whether in their heads, to other writers on Facebook, or just to to their friends and significant others—about the quality of their writing, not enough talk about what quality means as a business person, and how it can and should be leveraged, both in terms of mercilessly duplicating the steps that lead to quality every time and determining what exactly quality means for your clients in a way that allows you to deliver each time and rest assured you’ve got happy clients time and time again.

We will cover:
– What quality control means for writers and why it is so powerful
– The most important steps to starting systematic quality control
– Some quality management strategies to think more deeply on
– Tactics you can use today to control quality in the long-term