Creating a Magazine Pitch Planner That Fits Your Needs and Goals

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57 minutes of video
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One of the most common questions that we get from experienced writers is about how best to track their pitches once they’ve been sent. But that misses out on the most important part of the pitching process, the area where most writers fall flat: planning which pitches they will write *before* they go out to make sure you meet your goals through the pitches you’re sending.

In this webinar, we’ll break through the structure, method, upkeep and rationale behind a very easy and flexible way to plan your pitches in advance. It not only allows you to always know what you should be working on (one of the biggest questions we see facing writers today!), but also make sure that you have pitches ready when you need them, rather than scrambling when an editor gets back to you with a request for more pitches.

We will cover:
– Why pitch idea-first rather than magazine-first?
– How to start building your list
– What makes this process not work + how to make sure it works
– The must-not-miss aspects of a pitch plan that works
– Creating one live!