The Guidebook Guide Series – The Life of a Guidebook Writer on the Road​


What is it really like to be a full-time guidebook writer?


64 minutes of video
64 minutes of audio
16 slides
22 pages of transcript

In our second webinar in our series on guidebooks, we’re going to dive deep into the vital work that makes writing any book, from a thriller to a guidebook, possible: the research.

Join us to learn what the day-to-day work of the guidebook writer in the field really looks like.

While you may have heard the bad and the ugly about life as a guidebook writer, we dig into the reality of those who have made it their full-time gig.

We will cover:
– The disclaimer: guidebook writing sourcing
– Another disclaimer: this is work
– The Five Pillar to consider
– The pitfalls of poor preparation