Live Idea-to-Pitch Walkthrough #4: Ruthlessly Auditing Idea Fit


Learn how exactly to move article ideas that should work to the next stage of the pitch process and pressing pause on those that are iffy.


52 minutes of video
52 minutes of audio
12 slides
15 pages of transcript


Four hours into our series and we’re still working on the ideas! It seems like it will take us forever to get to the actual pitching writing, but that’s part of why we’re doing this series: if you’re diving into a word processing document earlier than this, you’re doing it wrong.

Making sure that your idea itself is solid, salable, and safe for you to stick your neck out with AND that it is a perfect fit for the section you’re pitching it to is actually the secret to saving tons of time with your pitches while also netting a higher acceptance rate along the way.

Fewer, better pitches always win. Having a 90% acceptance rate sending five pitches a month will do better for you than sending 20 pitches with a 20% acceptance rate (4.5 acceptances vs. 4). You can estimate the time savings yourself!

In this webinar, we’ll narrow the ideas we’ve been working on even further so that we’re only moving forward with the ones that absolutely, as far as we can tell not being inside the magazine, have a chance of success as we finesse both the fit and the quality of the idea, focusing on looking for that “why” that really makes the idea pop when the editor reads our pitch.

We will cover:
– What we’re doing and how to follow along at home
– Where we are with our ideas now
– What fit checks we’ve done and what’s left
– Attacking the matches