Freelance Business Systems: You Plus Market Equals Money


Learn to transition from a tactical approach to a conceptual understanding of marketing, discovering the core principles that ground your focus and provide clarity on what truly matters.


50 minutes of video
50 minutes of audio
24 slides
16 pages of transcript


Particularly with the advent of social media (marketing) and blogging (content marketing), or, really, the internet in general, there is a lot of “work” you can do these days that may feel like you are marketing your business that doesn’t seem to get a lot of traction no matter how much you put into it.

In this webinar, we start by pulling back significantly from the tactically to really exploring what marketing means conceptually and how it should work to pull you away from the feeling of an endless “should-do” list for your marketing and get grounded in what you should really focus on, why, and how to adjust it over time.

We will cover:
– What is the big marketing picture?
– What you have forgotten is a key part of the marketing puzzle
– The core functions of marketing departments… and how that applies to you
– A simple marketing action plan to get started with