Freelance Business Systems: The Fun Stuff on Your List (Research & Development) R&D


Learn to transform a crucial aspect of your business, discover pitfalls in non-systematic approaches, and gain insights from high-functioning R&D departments to thrive and achieve your goals.


55 minutes of video
55 minutes of audio
14 slides
19 pages of transcript


Depending on your pre-travel-writing background, the term “research and development” may make you think of many things (I always think of pharma companies somehow), but I bet you would never think of it as something that relates to your travel writing.

In this webinar, we will look at how this crucial area of your business is (a) something you’re no doubt already doing, (b) how doing it in a non-systematic way is the source of many problems you run into as a freelancer, and (c) what we can learn from highly functioning R&D departments to make this area of your business something that thrives and brings you closer to your most important goals each quarter and year.

We will cover:
– What do I mean when I talk about “research and development” for travel writers?
– What does R&D generally mean in corporate content?
– The “divisions” of R&D for travel writers as food for thought on what to do… and what not to do
– Next steps for getting clarity on where you’re investing this portion of your time