Freelance Business Systems: Promotion, Promotion, Promotion


Learn how to break down the core goals and strategies of public relations, empowering you to make confident, informed decisions that effectively elevate your visibility to the right audience.


66 minutes of video
66 minutes of audio
21 slides
20 pages of transcript


As we tease out the difference between sales, marketing, and PR, it’s time to turn our gaze to the public relations side–not the PRs we interact with trying to get information for a story or a spot on a press trip, but the external relations we must pursue for our own freelance businesses.

I often speak with travel writers who are going to networking events or even conferences without knowing exactly why, in terms of what they hope to get out of it. Ditto with spending time on LinkedIn or Facebook groups. There may be a sense that some business development (new gigs) may come as a result, but the general underpinning of getting one’s name out there (promotion) is always at heart.

This installment in our freelance business systems will break down the core goals and strategies of public relations professionals so that you can make confident, grounded, informed decisions about what will really get your name in front of the right people and spend your time where it will make a difference.

We will cover:
– What is PR really?
– How does PR work for companies (because it’s really not that simple)
– The marketing-sales-PR split revisited
– Case studies on specific PR actions you can take to promote your writing