Freelance Business Systems: Operate Like a Boss


Learn how to transform your freelance writing business into a streamlined production operation, optimizing every aspect, from independent decision-making to the final delivery to clients.


55 minutes of video
55 minutes of audio
22 slides
17 pages of transcript


Like it or not, as a freelance writer, you are a center for production—a factory, if you will—for completed collections of written words centered on certain themes and collated to client-determined specifications. So many parts of writing involve independent decision making and the act of creation, but at the end of the day, as a business that delivers goods (read: polished prose) to clients, you need to focus on optimizing all aspects of your production operations. This is an area that I spend a significant portion of time with my coaching clients on simply because its such an unparalleled game changer, and I’m very excited to change your approach to how you produce your writing work in this webinar.

We will cover:
– What does it mean to manage your operations?
– Breaking down what “operations” or “production” is and how it applies to travel writers
– The process of improving your processes
– Tactics to start today to improve your operations