Article Nuts and Bolts: Putting Together a Trend Piece


An in-depth look at the staple of magazines front-of-book and feature sections everywhere: the trend piece.


60 minutes of video
60 minutes of audio
27 slides
21 pages of transcripts

In the third webinar in our new series walking through the construction of different types of articles, we take an in-depth look at that illusive to brainstorm staple of magazines everywhere: the trend piece.

We’ll walk through a part of the writing process–structuring your articles–that should come before your fingers hit the keyboard and before you even begin researching your piece to show you how to quit second-guessing yourself and save tremendous time on your articles.

We will cover:
– We’re not talking about fashion here: what is a trend in terms of travel publishing
– The line between trending and trend
– How trend pieces are constructed + five examples