Annual Review Part 5: Mapping Out Your Step-by-Step Plan for 2018 Success


Follow along with your year-long work plan as we workshop three attendees’ live.


93 minutes of video
93 minutes of audio
18 slides
34 pages of transcripts

In a very special year-end webinar, we continued the 2018 planning we began in the last webinar but moved into the specifics scheduling of your project goals and related actions throughout the year.

We invited our listeners to send in their prep from the earlier calls in this series so that they could have their plans for 2018 workshopped by Gabi, so you can see three very different examples of how to create your 2018 plan.

We will cover:
– A holistic approach to year-planning rather than just goal setting.
– Walking through the process (and seeing how things can change)
– Workshopping your and Your fellow freelancer’s plans!